Sunday, January 30

Tea Dying Fabric---NEED HELP!

Hey Y'all,

I need advice and suggestions on the best way to tea dye fabric.
I have a large piece of white fabric,  9 yards, I want to lightly stain with
tea.  I want more of a natural off white color.  I tried a small piece but it came
out darker than I wanted and also a bit streaked.    I failed to soaked the fabric
first!  Here is a picture of the before and after.
I left it to soak longer than I should have.
I want a color lighter than this.  You can't see the streaking in this photo.
I have never tried this before so any tips, techiniques, dos and don'ts are most welcomed.
I hope to get this done sometime today!

This is what I am using it in.  I think it just need more of an
antique color and look to it.

Thanks !

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Zegi said...

The last time I did it - brewed tea with 6 lipton bags in a big old soup pot. Took my yard or so of fabric (it was dry) and twisted it into a ball. Stuffed it into the tea and left it for maybe 20 minutes. I stirred it a few times but not too much because I didn't want my ball to come undone. After 20 minutes I lifted it out, squeezed out the excess and threw it in the washing machine with a little bit of Tide. For me that seemed to be the key to getting a more mottled effect. It looked solid colored until it came out of the wash; I'm thinking the soap rinsed out the areas that didn't get a lot of soaking because of the twists. After the wash I threw it in the dryer and it came out mottled looking and not too dark. Ta-da!