Monday, July 8

New Purse for Me!

For quite some time, I have said I was going to make myself a new purse, well I finally did it!

This is the Quattro Pattern from Studio Kat Designs.  It has side pockets between the orange and green colors.  Behind the center orange piece with the embroiderd applique initial is a pouch you can enter from either side.  One the back there is a zipper pocket.  The top closer has a full zipper as well.
There isn't any pockets inside but a great deal of room for lots of stuff!   I have the Encore Insert pattern to make yet for several pockets and zipper pockets.
I really like this Quattro pattern!  It was fairly easy to follow the instructions except for one part.
That I believe was my inability to understand completely!

Quilted Sunshine

Recently our weather has been rain, rain, and just a bit more rain everyday.  This is not the normal weather for June in North Carolina.  We are not the only ones with a great deal of rain though.  Sunshine is a rare thing for the past few weeks for more than a couples of hours a day. 

Well I decided to create my own sunshine this weekend. Makes me feel better just looking at it.
Actually this was started for The Quilting Board's July Doll Quilt Swap
This month's theme was a Self Portrait or Where your from.  I initially wasn't planning on doing anything but then do to a phone call at work one day this idea hit me.  

Since high school, off and on and by many different people, I have been called Sunshine. So when I answered the phone and heard "Hello Sunshine" it hit me... That could be my self portrait!  And it would also work for the "Where Your From" as I grew up in Florida, better know as the Sunshine State.  Although lately Florida has been rather rainey just like NC.