Monday, January 10

Snow Day and Bird Watching

For some strange reason I thought it would be no problem driving to work today. OH BOY!  I was wrong. Luckily I made it there and back safe and sound but I only drove about 20 mph the entire way. I was really more worried about someone else sliding into me.

Before I could go home, I had to get more bird feed. My husband was worried about the birds not having anything to eat. But I think he was more concerned that Spooker wouldn't have birds to watch. The other day  Spooker  was watching all the birds thru the window and got so tired she fell asleep.
see the empty feeders!

So When I got home I filled up the feeders and the birds came in bunches!
Here are some pictures I took thru the double pane window thru the screen.

It really is fun to sit and watch all the birds.  Usually there are squirrels out there among the birds too.

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Stray Stitches said...

You have such colorful birds! How fun to watch them all. Your kitty's too funny.