Monday, February 21

Painted Pegboard for my new room!

So let me know what ya think?
I wanted to hang a pegboard up in my quilting room so I could hang up tools,
rulers, scissors and just whatever.  The pegboard was that yucky brown color when I bought it.
So I painted it the antique white like the walls.  I had to add some color in that room
so I thought why not paint colorful patterns for the background on the pegboard.
Voila!  here is the result.
Thought it, bought it, painted it all about 6 hours.

I'll post some more pictures of how I did it sometime tonight!


Laura said...

Very creative. I love your idea.

Sarah Craig said...

What a fabulous idea!! I may paint my corkboard like that!

Jen said...

Impressive! I've never seen that before! I'm afraid I would OCD on getting on those lines straight, you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Love this!
How did you do it?

Margie said...

I would love to put a painted pegboard in my Quiltroom. I'm very envious of what you were able to do. How did you paint it to have it look so wonderful? Would someone with no painting skills be able to do it?

Quilting Krazy said...

Anyone could do this. Just take a basic quilt block and draw it out in a 12 block or whatever size you want. Then I use blue painters tape to tape off lines, then painted in sections. Piece of cake!

Margie said...

Thanks so much for all the info & help. What type of paint did you use? I've been trying with an interior flat paint with a brush & it sticks to the edge of the tape when I take it off. Should I use spray paint? Is the regular scotch blue painter tape Ok of should I get the Scotch line for delicate surfaces? Sorry for all the questions.

Quilting Krazy said...

Hey Margie,
I used the 8oz jars of Valspar paint at Lowes. They were less than $3 each and you can have them mix it to any color you wish! I used the same blue tape and did have a small problem with the paint wanting to pull up. It has to be completely dry before you pull the tape up. Also a thin coat is better than thick. I used a small 3" paint roller instead of a brush. Just have fun with it! Best advise is trial and error to find what works best for you. Be sure to send me a picture when yot get it completed! Good Luck
Lisa at quiltingkrazy at aol