Sunday, February 13

My New Sewing Studio -- A work in progress!

A couple of weeks I was doing some decorative stitching and the "noise" got on my DH's nerves while he was trying to watch TV.  SO... I decided to do something I should have done a long time ago.
I decided to turn our spare room or "JUNK" room into my own Sewing Studio!   This is going to be a major undertaking but I am up to the challenge!  Here is what it looked like before I got started.

A First Class JUNK ROOM!  Ugh! 
I got to where I avoided even walking in this room for the longest kinda time.

Now here is a picture after a bit of a clean up.

Took forever to get all the old carpet and padding ripped up!
Still had to go back and get the carpet staples out of the floor along the wall.

Newly Painted Walls!  Still have lots of junk on the table in the middle of the room.
(sorry for the dark picture)

New Peel & Stick Tile! Still have to do the ones along the wall but I have to cut those to fit.
Now it is back to work on Monday so this working on this will have to take a back seat till the weekend.
The good thing about this is that it will be my sewing studio for me and BUILT BY ME!
I am doing ALL the work!  and it feels so good!
(somebody needs to tell my achy body and hands that!)

I'll post more as the progress goes on!


Sarah Craig said...

Great work!! You are so going to love having your own sewing space!!! Can't wait to see how it comes along. PS Ibuprofen is your friend..... ;-)

Charlene S said...

Be careful...after you make it perfect DH will want to use it for his projects too.

Shannon said...

Oh exciting!! Try to recover over the week. It will be nice to have a sewing room all to yourself!

Sara said...

It will all come together soon I know it!! Keep at it!

Winona said...

Good for you. It looks like you will soon have a fabulous quilting studio.

jdqltr said...

Congrats for a great job done so far. Brave to tackle a project like this on your own... the cleaning out part is what I would dread. But getting your own space, worth every minute!