Thursday, July 29

Shades of Grey

I have been wanting to create a quilt for my son for quite some time. He is 30 yrs young and will always be my baby!  When I asked what he would like, Nathan came back with something in grey!  Wow, I wasn't expect just grey.  But the more I thought about it, more I thought it would look ok.  I first thought it was just kinda plain.  Now I am searching for a pattern, So anyone out there reading this with ideas of quilt patterns, please share!     I told him to look at this quilt back I had done and see what he thought.
   Here is the comment he left me on facebook.  Maybe this will help you be confused just like me!

White & grey is okay, but black would be more contrast than I would like
So if there is more of a defined pattern, then go minimalist with the contrast, sorta like:

Not so much that pattern, I just like that shade of grey. So with the quilt on your blog I would change the darkest squares to white or off white, and the dark square "ring" to something relatively lighter.
Now, if you go with more contrast , than I would prefer a more patchwork look, kinda like:

In this case I wouldn't mind the little bit of color. I also like the textures in this one.
So hopefully that made some sense. If all else fails, do whatever :)
Nathan went to school for graphic design. He is easy going and fun loving! Loves old t-shirts with any kind of sayings on them. Always have loved, cartoons, legos, star wars, and Dr Suess.  For some reason grey just seemed so simple and plain.  But when I think about it, that is how he does live his life!  I love my baby boy!

So please post any helpful comments or ideas!

Saturday, July 24

To Wash or Not to Wash!

Here is a great posting at Prairie Primrose.  She was curious about washing or not washing her fat quarters before using them in a project.  And if you do wash them, how is the best way.  I think everyone has their own opinion of this.  Well at Prairie Primrose, she decided to do her own experiment.  I found it quite interesting and thought you might too!  Please check it out and decide for yourself....

Sunday, July 18

Underground Railroad

Now that the baby quilt is done, it is time to start on something else.  Ever since I first started reading the Elm Creek Series books, I really became more interested in the history of the Underground Railroad and how quilts were used. If they really were used as maps.   I purchased the book from Quilt in a Day that has many of the different blocks that were thought to be used.

I purchased some fat quarters in Civil War fabrics online and decided to make the smaller version with 6" blocks. ( great price 15 FQ for $12)
Here are the first three I have done so far.  This is also the first time I have ever attempted these blocks in any quilt.

If you look close enough you can see my mess up!  But I'll wait until I finish the other blocks before redoing this one!   I am slowly but surely learning after 50 years, why things say READ DIRECTIONS FIRST!

Baby Quilt

A friend of my daughter's was expecting his first child in July.  They knew it was to be a little girl, so Lauren decided that she would need a Pink John Deere baby quilt!  (Lauren is great a picking out fabric for her mom to sew together!)  Here is what a picture of what it ended up looking like.

She picked out most of the fabric at Hancock's and I had to order the striped JD from Ebay.

The backing was a texture fabric that we both felt would be better than flannel.  I tried using some of the many stitches my new Janome has but I need lots of practice to get that perfected! 

Well Miss Emma Grace entered the world yesterday weighing in at 8lbs 0 oz.  

Tuesday, July 13

Aloha Quilt

I just finished reading The Aloha Quilt, most recent book in the Elm Creek Quilts series.
It was about two best friends starting a quilt camp in Maui. One was going through a life changing divorce and needing to start her life over, while the other was happily married and the owner of a quilt shop and a Bed & Breakfast inn.  Throughout the book there was a great deal of the history of
Hawaiian culture as well as Hawaiian quilting.  Surprisingly, there was good instruction on making a traditional Hawaiian quilt.  I an ready to create my own.

As I was enjoying reading the book, I could almost visualize the beauty of the Islands, it makes me ready to take a trip.  Not going to happen anytime soon, but that's ok.  My sister Barbara has a love for Hawaii and after reading this story I have decided that Barbara should make a trip to the islands. 

Barbara has reconnected with old friends still living on the islands. She seems to find pictures and stories with a touch of the islands.  She has always like bright colors in everything.  Barbara says she is afraid of flying but I don't think that is enough of a reason NOT to visit a place she holds so dear to her heart.  Life is to short not to live it to the fullest even if that means you might be a bit scared!

I really have enjoyed reading quilting stories from the Elm Creek Series as they take me to different times and places in history.  Right now I am reading The Lost Quilter about a runaway slave and the underground railroad. 

I purchased the Eleanor Burns quilting book The Underground Railroad Patterns.  I hope to make a small wall quilt using the civil war historic blocks.  I am looking forward to finding the right book on Hawaiian quilting techniques.