Sunday, January 16

Krazy Tie Quilt - The last of the Ties -- suggestions wanted please

Here is my third and final quilt using ties from Eddie's Father who passed away about a year ago.
(12.5" squares on my working in progress wall)

This quilt will be for the Eddie's daugther and the granddaughter.
It is going to be a Krazy Quilt of sorts after seeing a pattern in Fons & Porter magazine.

I started with a piece of muslin about 14" and then cut a triangle piece to start with.
I added another piece down one side.

I continued to add pieces one each side and used a piece of
cloth to press open so the heat didn't ruin the silk ties.

Now I need to decide how to finish this. What color / type sashing should I use.  I have used grey in both of the other but they were for men.  This is for the granddaughter so I hope to add a bit "girly" to it some how.
Any suggestions and thought are more than welcomed!  PLEASE!

I also have many points from the both ends of the ties I can use somehow.
Any ideas on what to do with these??
The small ones remind me of prairie points kinda. I probably have about
twenty or so of the big and the smaller ones.

In case you missed the first two I did, here they are.

This was the first one for Eddie.

This one was the second one for his Brother.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Wow, now this is one great crazy quilt! Love it made with ties this way! Have to remember this fabulous triangle it!!

Sarah Craig said...

How about using a solid damask weave as sashing, to give it a girly flavor? It would echo the prints in the ties, sort of, without competing too much!

And for your tie ends, I'd interlock them at the points, then cut a coin strip out of it to put into the back of the quilt! The coin strip would have a zig zag down the center where the points meet....

Beautiful blocks, by the way! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Sandy said...

Where did you get the pattern for the large 4 block 3D quilt I saw you post on Quilting Board? How did you make that?

Quilting Krazy said...

Hey Sandy,
I'm not exactly sure what 4 block
3D quilt you are refering too?
Email me at

Anonymous said...

That looks great! could you possibly give some information so I could track down that pattern?