Tuesday, January 4

And the Winner is.... Lindsay!

I finally did the drawing for my giveaway for a copy of Melinda Evaul's Novel,
I had wanted Melinda to do the drawing but
I was unable to reach her.  
And the winner is....
LINDSAY!  Her her blog is Savedsinnr@blogspot.com 

I want to thank all of you entered and those who signed up to receive Melinda's newsletter. 
I know Melinda thanks you as well!

Happy Reading Lindsay!


Nancy Sue said...

Congrats to Lindsay! Thank you to Lisa and Melinda for having this giveaway. This book is definately going on the list for Hubby to keep, when he's looking to the list for a little gifty for me...
say....Valentine's Day :) Sounds like a great book and look forward to reading it!

Melinda Evaul said...

Congratulations to Lindsay!
Sorry I didn't get in touch with Lisa. My son has been visiting and I've also been working. Yeah, I have another job besides writing. Hubby took me out for dinner last night. I needed a break.

Thanks to all who visited my website and signed up for a newsletter, or my blog. I have new pics on the site this week, BTW. I'm working on formatting Grow Old With Me for an e-book.(Got busy and forgot to check in with Lisa yesterday. Oops!)

Those who didn't win can still get a copy from my website. I'm getting very nice emails and comments from my readers. I appreciate all of you very much.