Tuesday, January 25

Taxes are filed! Money to spend!

Hey Y'all, 

This has got to be a record for me!  I got our taxes filed today!  YEA!  The good news is we are getting a nice chunk of money back so my mind is going full speed ahead thinking of my next treat to buy myself.
I think I want to buy an small embroidery machine.  Nothing fancy just something I can use to do monograms and names on purses and a few others things.  I really don't want to pay a large amount and really would like to buy a used machine that maybe someone has grown and moved on to a bigger one.

As I have no idea where to start, please offer any suggestions and thoughts you may on what type machine you have or like  or dislike!  I'm  thinking no more that $500 so I am really hoping to find a good used machine.   I have seen the Janome 200E new for about that price but really don't know anything about it.  I need to know what size of the hoop is best, different fonts they have or I can download or buy at a reasonable price.

We have a Shop Hop of sorts this weekend at our civic center so I am hoping to get some good info there too.   This is shopping at many vendors all under one roof!  I can't wait.  I just wish I had my refund back now.  But I guess that is good thing because I would spend way more than I need to.

Who ever thought Quilting would be such an addiction!  I better start looking for a QA group soon!

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Sara said...

I have a Janome MC6500P that I got at a steal for $500 the other day from a friend of a friend! You probably don't need to hear that, but anyhow they are really,really good machines. If you want to be able to do a hoop don't know if mine would work. I cannot wait to move to NC in March, there looks to be so many quilting events there:)