Thursday, December 16

I Finished the Tie Quilt! the second one!

I got started on this project awhile back and finally got it finished!  I had to as it is for a Christmas present for a co-worker's brother and they are exchanging gifts then this Saturday.  Many of you offered suggestions of what colors to use.  I thank all of you who did leave comments.

Let me explain the story behind this quilt.... Eddy, a co-worker lives here in Statesville, NC. His father and brother both live in Virginia.  His brother had planed to retire from work this year and then spend many days with his dad fishing, playing and just hanging out together.  Well plans don't always happen as planned....One year ago this past week, Eddy and his brother lost there, dad very sudden and unexpected.  A day before his brother's birthday.  Eddy and his wife had to take care of the arrangements, all of which were out of town and hard to deal with but managed to get through.

Then some time in January/February of this year Eddy told me one of the things that he kept of his dad's things was his ties.  He always seemed to were ties.  Eddy asked me if I could make him a quilt using his dad's ties and I said of course.  Well I did post that picture awhile back but here is that picture once again for those who may not have seen it.

Eddy's brother really liked the quilt, so that is when Eddy asked me if I had enough ties to make another quilt for his brother.  He is a single man, living alone.  So I though he would like something a bit more manly plus I really didn't want to use the whole tie as I did in the first quilt. Hard to work with.
I found a pattern in American Patchwork & Quilting and though it would work just perfect. well....

Now for the unveiling.....

Ta Dah!  So what do you think?
Finished size is about 85w x 105
Grey blender between ties.
Maroon trim and grey stripe on sides and back.

I did free motion quilting on my Janome 6500.
UGH... doing quilts this large are HEAVY to do on your lap!

A friend who does scrap booking asked me for some of the tie fabric and
she made these note cards to go with it.  She scanned some of the ties.
Then she cut and pasted squares together, embossed the card print,
then use her cutting system to cut out shape.  It that not just cool!

I'm now thinking that this would be a nice present to go with each quilt you make.

It could be a special card presented to the recipient of the quilt you just made, or
just something to match with the quilt.

Thank you to those who are reading this long post!  I hope you leave me a comment
or two about your thought on the quilt.  Please feel free to leave suggestions as there is another
tie quilt in my future.  For Eddy's daughter who really misses her Grandfather!

Merry Christmas Y'all


Lisa Marie said...

Lovely, lovely quilts and what a treasure they will be for those boys. You have done a wonderful job ~ makes me want to tackle one too. Hmmmm I wonder if my Mom still has any of my dads ties....

bjblack720 said...

You did an awesome job. But then, you always do!! See you on Saturday??

Stray Stitches said...

What a wonderful quilt! Such a great way to remember their Dad. I'm sure Eddie's brother will be thrilled with his gift.

Sarah Craig said...

Wonderful quilt! And very manly.... The gray blender is perfect!!

Melinda said...

Love both of these quilts. The men should be thrilled with them.

Barb said...

Just love your tie quilts....and the card that goes with it will be faublous...