Sunday, August 12

Sanity Saver???

What is your Sanity Saver?

It's Quilting For me! Retreating to my sewing room, for any amount of time, is where I can let my mind relax and open to those creative moments that  flow from the brain to the fingertips. I forget all the day to day things such as work, laundry, bills,cooking, anything like that. As I enter my "playground" as I call it, and I feel as if I am walking into another world where there are no outside distractions. That is until the reality check hits when the hubby beckons, or the cats start hollaring or the dog wants out! 

Just being there with all the colors from my fabrics, threads and quilts on the wall, I feel at peace no matter what I felt like moments before.   Something about the calming effect of touching fabrics, the hum of my sewing machine.

Comfort, tranquil, therapeutic, relaxing, are all words that come to mind.  When I go into "the zone" it is a wonderful respite during this hectic life we all live. There is NO multi-tasking allowed when sewing. You have to focus on one thing at a time.  I am not the only who feels this way when it comes to quilting.   My favortie line is "Quilting is my Happy Thought!"    Here are a few comments, statesments and thought I have found from many others.....

I can go into the messyest sewing room, sit down by my machine with a cup of coffee and just sit there. I'm also at peace. LOL

I actually seem to go into withdrawels if I don't do something quilting related for several days in a row. Definitely my therapy of choice.

If I am away from my quilting for more than a few days, I go through withdrawal. It may be an expensive "hobby", but it's cheaper than counseling, and the end product can bring joy to others.
Maybe it's the sound of the machine. Or maybe it just takes my mind off the worries of the day.

Its funny how I can get such pleasure from some really basic things like that pefect crisp point, a beautifully pressed block.  The inspiration I get, makes me feel so much better have an hour or so to myself

I get lost and the brain goes into another sphere where thoughts are clear, heart is happy, no stress.

In my 'lady cave'  I can  picked up my needle and thread and I'm one happy camper!

Quilting feeds my soul and makes me feel complete.  

I ve realized recently that most everything about quilting brings me comfort.

Quilting stitched my life back together
It's the one place in our house that I am usually alone
Quilting is zen-like comfort.
Best therapy for whatever is bothering you.

My life's purpose!

Many days I would think and wonder what my purpose in this earth life was.  Was it just to be a wife and mother? Was it to be the preschool teacher I once was?  Was it my love of sewing and quilting? Or was it just to be here taking up space?

I used to watch the Oprah show with her many guests who had found their purpose in life and wonder "why can't I find mine?"  I almost felt like something was missing in my life because I wasn't sure about my "purpose".    Watching the last and final episode of Oprah that I had recorded for about the third time, I discovered what my purpose in life was!   What a relief that was !

To my amazement it really wasn't anything I had not already been doing for many years,  I  didn't know that  "just being me" was my purpose in life!   I know that sounds crazy but, hey that is who I am at times. Crazy, easy going, carefree, happy go lucky! 

I'm not quite sure how I realized this but it fits.  Like today, I came to work on this cool Monday morning, after waking up earlier than needed, with this happy sunny disposition!  I walked into the office and make sure I said "Good Morning" to everyone just as I always do.  I have always done that no matter where I have worked.  That's just me!  At my last place of employment and as well as where I am now, most didn't bother to acknowledge each other as they walk in or pass by.  That just drives me nuts!  So being me, I continue to say "Good Morning" and soon they all caught on!  Everyone said they never realized how much a simple thing could make them feel.

During my day, wether in person or on the phone, when I am asked "How are you today?" I have always answered with "Wonderful!"  and yes I say that with the exclamation mark!!!  and mean it!
It normally catches people off guard which changes they attitude right away, to the good!   Every once in a great while, I may hesitate before saying wonderful and then the other person asks, whats wrong?  Your not your normal self.

I am always the one that keeps a positive attitude no matter what the situation is or how bad it may seem.  Thus.... that helps the other person pick theirselves up or at least smile a little bit more and that lightens the mood, making a better day.     

I am proud to be a bright shiny bit of "Sunshine"  each day for others.    Never knew when I got tagged with the nickname "Sunshine" back in school, that that would be who I really am!!



A co-worker is adding on to their home and building new bedrooms for their two kids.  The son's room will be blue and green with a sports theme.  The daugther's room will be pink and orange with a theme of peace signs that her daugther is in love with.  She has been searching online and at the stores for decor with the peace sign symbol.  I am amazed at how much stuff is really out there, since I grew up in the original "peace sign era". 

Here are a couple of pillows I made for "Kylie Renaye" to go in her new room.  Her mom sure did
like them so I am pretty sure Kylie will too!

My oldest daughter is often called "La La" since her actual name is Alana.  She called me one day to ask me to make a pillow for her like one she saw in a quaint little shop in Atlanta.  She sent me a picture and I used that to go by.   She should received it Monday, I hope she likes it!