Sunday, September 26

Spreading Some Good News!

Hey Y'all

I just met a new special friend through my blog and I am so excited about that!  Although we have not met in person and only talked through emails, I know she is a wonderful person so I want to share something about her with all of you in "Blog" land!

My new friend is Melinda Evaul and she is about to have her first book published!  Whew Hoo!  How exciting that must be for her.  Actually she said it was also somewhat scarey!  I would imagine that you would have thoughts of "what if no one likes my book?".  Well I am sure there will be MANY people, especially quilters, who will enjoy her book.

Here is a brief tidbit about her book....
Novel # 1 in the Quilt Barn Series
A modern day Beauty and the Beast meet in their fifties when a disfigured carpenter becomes a long-term guest at a bed and breakfast in the western-style tourist town of Love Valley, NC.
Benjamin Pruitt plans to repair the town’s buildings and return to his solitary life. Sarah Campbell longs for freedom since her long task as caregiver has ended.
As the tattered fabric of Benjamin and Sarah’s lives unfolds, will they piece together a beautiful design to warm their waning years, or follow their individual goals?

While traveling the back roads of rural North Carolina and Tennessee, Melinda came to appreciate the preservation of rural cultural through a unique art form along the Quilt Barn Trails. Come follow her adventures along the Quilt Trails of America at  
My novels will all have an underlying Christian theme. It's my reason for writing. My way of spreading the gospel message.

Melinda posted a comment on my site and mentioned Love Valley, NC  which is about 45 minutes from where I live.  I have been there many times with horses.  It is known as the "Cowboy Capital of the World".
Yes it is like walking back in time to the old western days.  Only horses are allowed on the main street.

This book will have several things that I am thrilled about, quilting, barn quilts, Faith and a bit of romance!
What more does a girl need!

NOW here is where you can help.  I am trying to spread the word about Melinda and her book, Grow Old With Me.  So if you could share this information with ten people and then they share it with ten more, just think of how many people across America will be eagerly awaiting the release of this book.  How cool is that!    Being that Quilters, Sewers, and Crafters are wonderful people that like to share tips and ideas, I thought this would be a great way to get the word out there.  so....
Start Spreading Some Good News!

Thanks Y'all !
Lisa B. in NC

Thursday, September 23

Finally Fall has Arrived!

Hurray for Fall!
These sunflowers were growing this summer but I have never seen Orange colored sunflowers! I just thought they were amazing looking. Now they fit in the "Fall-flowers" category.  We still are having above average temps right now but this weekend it is "suppose" to only be in the mid 70's.  I can't wait for the cooler days and all the colors that soon will appear in the trees.

Growing up in Florida where everything stays green pretty much year round, I never understood why people got so excited about the fall "colors" of the trees up in the northeast.  Seeing it on TV was ok but not so spectacular.  But when we moved to North Carolina in August of 97, within a few months I saw for myself what all the excitement was all about.

You can't imagine how beautiful it is to see the reds, oranges, and yellows until you see it in person.
God has a beautiful pallet of colors up here in the mountains.  There is one tree, a maple I think, that the leaves turn into a ball of fire with vivid yellows, oranges, and reds.  It is the brightest leaves I have ever seen.  When I see it all I can think about is how can I recreate that in a quilt.  Well this year, I have a new camera that I love, and I plan to take hundreds of photos of these trees and somehow turn them into a quilt.  Now I didn't say I would get the quilt down this year but one day!

Wednesday, September 22

New Look!

Wow!  I have finally got my blog with new colors that I really like!  I didn't think changing the colors and background would be so HARD!  Trying to get my header to my liking I thought never would happen.
My goal was to get something I really liked and could leave it this way for some time.
I hope that everyone who reads this likes the changes as much as me.  I like to think the sunflower represents me, bright, sunny and Happy! Or at least that is what I try to be each day. Back in high school I had the nick name of "Sunshine" thus the golden colors.  I still have a few people every now and then call me that.  The sides with the barn wood look is me, liking the simple things in life.  I don't need fancy expensive things to make me happy.  All I need is love of God, Family, and Friends.  Oh yea, my sewing machine and a big fabric stash!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21

Time to start thinking Christmas

This is a project I started last Christmas, maybe I'll get it completed this year!
I started the Christmas Tree in December 09 to use instead of a real tree.  My husband was having major back surgery December 23 so we wouldn't be home.  I thought this was a perfect way to take Christmas to the hospital.  I did take and and hang it up on the wall even though it wasn't finished.
It is two separate pieces.  The tree and the runner. I promise myself I WILL FINISH THIS!

But I also now have many purse requests to finish before Christmas as well. But that is a good thing. 
I love to be able to make things for others to enjoy!

Monday, September 20

Fall into Fall Blog Giveaway

Time to try something new and fun!
I'm excited to participate in my first blog giveaway! 
Details will be posted October 1 of how you can WIN so be sure
to check back by then.

In the mean time keep checking back to see what the prize or prizes may be!

Sunday, September 19

Here are two more I finished making this weekend.
Just about time to go buy more fabric!

I really like this purple one, it just looks so wintery!  I'm ready for cool weather and winter time!
Bring on the snow!

Saturday, September 18

I'm hooked on purses!

I found this pattern in a magazine and have been hooked!  I made a few changes to make it a bit smaller from the tote size they had made.  I added more pockets inside and one on the outside.  I just love this pattern. 

Sunday, September 12

Update on Fair entries

I went to the fairgrounds today to pick up my quilts and I got there about a half hour before closing so most items had been picked up be then.  I went to the office and picked up my winnings of a whopping $24.oo!  Whew Hoo!  Then I went around to the exhibit hall to retrive my quilts.  I got bombarded with questions by the workers there. Several wanted the pattern for my Batik wall hanging, one girl wanted to buy Lauren's brown and green quilt,  (she wouldn't sell it!)  and the she asked questions about Needle and Thread and if I used the long arm on Lauren's.  Another lady wants me to make her a duplicate of my mini underground railroad quilt for her living room  She wants it just a bit larger but in the same fabrics and color to hang above her couch.  I told her I would be more than happy too! I'm thinking $$$$ She said she would pay for it.  I told the others I would email the pattern for the wall hanging and then they could share between each other.   So I would say the fair was quite successful for me this year.

I did get all my ribbons together from the last two years and plus this year, I have five Blue 1st place,
five Red second place, and five White third place for quilts and other sewing projects.  Oh yea, I have one Blue first place for our Chickens who laid First Place Brown Eggs last year!

Yesterday we had a yard sale at work with coworkers.  Alan cleaned out his side of the closet and rounded up old jeans he can't wear.  I had a few other miscellaneous items.  I sold about $60 worth of stuff!  Had the rest hauled off to a Goodwill type store.  So with that $6o and my $24, Lauren, Alan and I went out for dinner tonight at Lonestar.  Not a bad weekend!  (just almost over though :(

Friday, September 10

Iredell County Fair 2010

This is the third year I have entered some of my quilts and totes into our local county fair. The first year I entered only one and WON a blue ribbon for best pieced. I was so excited, I couldn't wait for the next year.
Last year I had seven entries and received a ribbon on each piece.

 This year I entered 6 catagories and received 4 ribbons. Here are some photos on my winning entries.
The brown one with the chicken photo is Alan's Angels quilt. I entered it in "pieced".
The red t-shirt quilt I entered in "other" catagory and won a third place ribbon.

This is Lauren's quilt. I won third place in "design".
Thanks Lauren for letting me borrow your quilt this week.

This was a last minute addition for the fair.  I had seen this on someone's blog and then also saw in in Quilts and More magazine.  Tote bags made from dog and cat food bags.  It took a whole 30 minutes to make.  I received a third place ribbon.  (There was only three entries!)  I just thought this was a really neat idea!

This is my favorite piece! A batik wall hanging and it received a Blue Ribbon!  I also had a story about this piece posted on Mary Jo's Fabric shop blogspot.

This is my mini version of the Underground Railroad. It was entered in the mini catagory and I received a Blue Ribbon for this one!  I really do like this piece too!

Entering these pieces in the county fair makes me feel proud in doing my part to keep a
piece on American Traditions/History going.