Wednesday, February 10

Which Machine to buy?

I have been sewing since I was about 7 yrs old. First doll clothes, then my own clothes, and then my kids clothes and her doll's clothes! Funny how things come full circle. I remember my mom sewing and her mom sewing. Out of four daughters I am the only one who really has carried on the tradition of the love for sewing.

My mother purchased herself a New Bernina model 817 back in the 70's and before she passed away, she made sure I inherited the Bernina. I have been sewing on that machine since for the past 17yrs. Never once has it given me any problems.

Now that I mostly quilt, I have a terrible desire for a new machine that can do more than my Bernina. I would truly love a new Bernina but only having a small amount of money to spend that is probably out of the question. I have spent the past several weeks searching the internet on different brands and models. Comparing what each machine has to offer and for what price. I now feel more confused than before.

As my mom used to say I have champange taste and a beer pocket book! Just when I think I have found a machine that offers what I want at a good price, I find reviews online from others who have had issues with that certain machine. I have called local dealers who say that having a Bernina even and old one, I wouldn't want a lower model such as the Bernette. But they won't give me any prices over the phone, I have to come in to get their pricing.

I have decided to give up the internet search and this Saturday I am going to the nearest Bernina dealer who also sells Singer and Brother. Hopefully actually "test driving" different machines I can make a wise decision. I post the outcome Saturday evening, unless I just get more confused!!!!

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