Sunday, February 14

My First Student!

Jacque is a co-worker of mine and a great friend.  One day she asked if I could make her some curtains.  She told me she had tried but they came out so crooked and uneven, she gave up and vowed never to try again.  Jacque said she knew nothing about sewing and even had to have her neighbor come over to help her thread her machine.   Well Jacque has come along way from that.

After I kept bringing quilts to work to show everyone, Jacque soon got the "Quilt Fever".  She decided she wanted wanted to tackle learning to sew and to make a small quilt for her mom's birthday.  Jacque brought her machine to work one day and we practiced threading the machine over and over again.  Then we went to sewing straight seams and quarter inch seams.  Then Jacque, being an avid ebay fan, started searching for charm packs on ebay. Oh my gosh, did she ever go crazy buying fabric!   I taught her well on how to love of fabric!  hehe

I happened to be watching "Quilt in a Day" one weekend and she was working on a small baby quilt pattern.  It was perfect for Jacque's first project.  It used five inch squares, sashing and four blocks set on point.  Those point squares scared her to death.  I kept telling her she could do it! 

Well she did! and she was SO excited when it all came together.  So was her mom.   Here are a couple of pictures of her very first quilt!  Way to go Jacque!

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