Wednesday, February 24

I love it!

OK so it took awhile to read and look though the instruction book but I found what I needed. HOW TO THREAD this machine.  I got that done and got the bobbin wound without any problems. So then I got a piece of fabric, batting and backing about seven inches wide and eighteen inches long and started with stitch number 1.  I went through most all of the stitches and stitched a couple of inches of each. I love this machine, it fits my name, I can make crazy quilts and stitch to my hearts content with different stitches.  I tried out the fonts it has, block and script. They are cute but now anything like embroiders. I put on the darning foot and tried my hand at free motion quilting. The machine did pretty good.  The seamtress needs to work on her technique.  Kinda jerky.  I think slowing the speed down would help some. 

Now I need to learn how to create my own stitch patterns. (combining two or more stitches).  I also need to  really learn what all those feet are for.  I have about 10 of them.  I think I'll skip the button hole thing as I don't plan to be sewing anything that requires buttonholes.

I really thrilled with this Janome 6500 so far.  I feels good and solid when you sew. It is smooth and really quite.  After all my confusion in trying to find the right machine, I think it found me!

Can't to start my first real project!

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