Friday, February 26

My Sister's Hooked!

I am so excited about my sister Becky getting into quilting again!  This morning she tells me she opens the paper to find out there is a QUILT SHOW in town this weekend!  How perfect it that?  I have always been a believer in fate and things happening when they are supposed to.  I told her to be sure and take her camera to photo quilts that she really loves so she can refer back to them later. I sent her a picture of the quilt I fell in love with at a show several months ago. I finally found the name of it and purchase the book, French Braid Quilts.  She also loved it and wants the pattern.
  Here is my picture
Well Becky gets to the quilt show and sends me a picture...
Funny how things happen! 
Can't wait to get home and get the pattern to send to her.

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