Thursday, February 25

Inspiration can be Contagious!

A few years ago Lauren and I went back to Florida for Christmas to visit my sisters, Barbara, Becky and Wanda.  We all  had lunch one day at Becky's house and while there she told me that she had something for me.  To my surprize, she had a small suitcase full of fabric she had purchased many, many years ago.  She gave me all her fabric, frame and an old quilt top. I never knew she once had the "quilting bug"!  Here is a picture of the small quilt that I made from the some of the fabric she gave me.  I also gave this quilt back to her!               
                     front (own blue ribbon at county fair)                          back side (needed to be ironed)

Well today, I found an email from Becky. All my recent blogging about quilting and the excitment of the new machine has "inspired" my sister to get that quilting bug back!  Yea!  
Here is here email and a picture of her Beautiful quilt top!  Way to go sister!  I love it!
Okay, kid. You've got me inspired. I've so enjoyed reading all your stories about searching for and buying your new machine. I dusted off my 27 year old baby Bernina and I've been working on a quilt all day. It's another one I started a long time ago. Well, only three years ago. It's a pattern I found at Hancock's before they closed. No creative juice working here. It told me how much of each pattern of fabric to buy and how to cut and assemble them. Anyway I got the whole top finished today. Now I have to learn what to do next. I guess it's something like picking out a back fabric and putting some batting in between. I have no idea about the edge finishing. Baby steps...I can do this...I can do this. (This is probably too big a project to start with - right!?) Oh well. Keep the blog coming - I need the inspiration. Love and hugs, Beck

I love the yellow and blues in her quilt! 

Last Saturday I bought some new fabric I fell in love with....(before seeing Becky's quilt)
Guess what colors I bought???  Yellows and Blues... see below

Great Minds Think alike!
I love you Sis!

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