Sunday, February 14

My weekend trip to the Sewing Machine Store

After all week of being so excited and I couldn't hardly wait for Saturday to arrive.  Knowing I was going to the Lee's Sewing in Hickory and actually touch and sew on new machines, I began counting down the hours about Wednesday.  Then on Friday, those crazy weathermen start saying something about more SNOW Friday night to Saturday morning.  OH NO! No way was snow going to stop me from going.  Well we got about three and half inches of white powder snow.  But by Saturday morning it had stopped and the sun was shining brightly.

About 10am I left and picked up Jacque and to Hickory we went.  Roads were snowy and slushy in spots but the sun was melting things fast.  We stopped by Hancocks first and I purchased some new yellow and blue fabric (50% off ) to make another Stepping Stones wall hanging.  We left and headed to Lee's Sewing Center. I was getting so excited and giddy until I pulled into the parking lot.  THEY WERE CLOSED!  I couldn't believe it.  I went to the door and pulled on it but it was locked and no lights were on inside.  WHY ME!  Didn't they know I had been planning this trip for at least a week.  The roads weren't that bad not to open that day.  I pouted like a baby. I jumped up and down wanting to pitch a fit!  Gggrrrr!  It was about  11:30 and they normally open at 10am.

We left and went to WalMart and bought some groceries and stuff and wasted some time just in case they were going to open at noon.  About forty-five minutes later we went back by just in case. HURRAY!  They were opened!    I was going to get to play with new machines after all.   Tammy, the lady I had spoke with on the phone last week, asked me what I wanted and how much I had to spend. I told her my wish list and that I only had between 5 to 7 hundred.  When I told her I had a Bernina she said I wouldn't be happy with anything else.  Well I had planned to actually try sewing on a Singer, a Brother and of course a Bernina, so I did.  Let me tell you it didn't take long to feel the difference between machines.  It was like the difference between a Volkswagon and a Cadillac.  The singer felt "clunky". The mechanical Brother felt sluggish and like it was struggling. The Brother NX-650 was nice and one I had researched.  It actullay felt nice.  But the Bernina 230PE, was wonderful! It was quieter, smoother and felt like a solid machine, not plastic.    It had all the bells and whistles I was wanting and even more. There was no choice to make. I knew in my head my heart wanted a Bernina from the beginning. So that is what I have decided.  They have two promotional machines that were left and she can offer me a really great deal on it. Within my budget!   I asked Tammy if she could just hold it until Monday because I promised myself I wouldn't make a rash decision.  She said she could.

I came home Saturday and did more research just to confirm my decision is the right one for me.  I know it is, but I am going to call a few other dealers on Monday to see if they can make a better deal, but I doubt it.  So now I have to wait until my tax refund gets here Friday. Maybe by Saturday, I will have a new machine!  I'll let ya know!

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