Saturday, February 27

First day of sewing on new machine

I wanted to get all my ducks in a row before I decided to sew on my new machine, "Izzy".  Not sure where Izzy came from other than I always have like the name Isabella.  I had to get some some plastic storage drawers to move my sewing utensils to since my new table doesn't have drawers.  Plus I wanted to wait until I knew I would have a large amount of time to sew.   So today, I started working on the quilt I had started for my sister Barbara.  I had done most of the top half on my old machine and begin to finish that today.  Good grief!  Seems like nothing was matching up!   I finish the top part and seriously considered to give up on it and start a different project, but I thought maybe "Izzy" would make things go together better.  IT DID!   I just need to get some black to finish up.

I really like using the quarter-inch foot, didn't have one before.  The feel of the machine if really nice. So far I think I really made a good choice.  ( I really need to buy a camera for pictures instead of having to use my cell phone camera)


Jandi said...

I love the fabrics you used! It is just beautiful! And, a good camera is a must! My husband broke my camera a month ago. He bought me a cheap camera to get me buy until I can have my old one fixed but it isn't the same.

Karen said...

An excellent quilt!