Wednesday, February 23

The Fabric of our Lives... COTTON

Recently I have seen and read several posts and blogs talking about how the price of fabric is going up due to the price of raw cotton on the rise.  I have thought about it but not watched it or really thought about it to much. Not like I keep my eye on the gas prices on a daily basis.  I constantly watch the stations and their prices on my to work and around town.  I have started to make sure I fill my truck up when I see a good lower price.  I have heard that by summer we will be back to the $4 per gallon mark!  UGH!

Well earlier today, my sister and I were exchanging emails and of course discussing quilting etc.  This post is because of something she said.  She told me that her husband made the comment to her that he had heard the price of cotton was continuing to rise, and then he said... get this...."So it might be a great time to stock up on fabric!"  WOW!  What a Guy!   Honestly ladies, how many of you out there would expect to hear your husband to you to go buy more fabric you don't really need!  HA!  I know mine wouldn't!

So this got me to really think about fabric prices, the current price of raw cotton and what is the cause of the increase.  I did a couple of internet searches and found a few interesting facts I thought I would share.  Not only is our fabric prices go up but so are prices of jeans and t-shirts! Alot of these increase are all due to weather related issues.

Since February 2010, prices for corn and wheat have doubled because of crop issues, driving up the cost of livestock feed and, thus, the wholesale cost of meat.

The price for cotton has skyrocketed to a record $1.91 a pound, when it rarely exceeds $1. Blame growing demand for cotton in China, massive flooding affecting the cotton crop in Pakistan and export restrictions in India, according to the Financial Times.

Prices for raw sugar cane have risen 75 percent since May, in part because of less-than-expected sugar yields in Brazil as well as flooding and a cyclone this month in Australia, resulting in the worst sugar crop in nearly 20 years.

And coffee prices are at their highest in about 14 years because of a lackluster coffee bean harvest in Brazil, heavy rains harming Colombia’s coffee crop and, possibly, investors bidding up commodity prices. Colombian coffee beans are selling for about $3 a pound, compared with about $2 a year ago.                         Here is the link where I found this info

Another site I found interesting and more quilter friendly..

Now you have good reason to stock up on fabric!  So go support your local quilt shop!

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Shannon said...

It is amazing how everything is connected. I am a "head in the sand" kind of person. I will focus on my family. It is hard when all the prices of things go up and pay does not. I will show this post to my husband and see if he will go for it. LOL!!