Tuesday, February 15

Time for a Quilting Vacation!

I can't wait!  My sister, Becky and I are going to meet in Atlanta this March for
This will be so much fun!  We will meet Wednesday in Atlanta at the hotel and then get up and hit the convention center Thursday Morning.  Can you say SHOPPING???
We have classes booked on Friday and then we will head back home on Saturday.   This is the closest location between us, I'm in NC and she is in FL. 
One day I would really like to go to the AQS show in Paducah! 
But as a newbie in the quilt world, This will be a wonderful, fun-filled learning experience!
 I can't wait!  Getting to spend this time with my sister, priceless!

So is anyone else out there going to this event?  I would love to meet up just to say HI !

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Sara said...

Luck duck!!! I will be moving during that time otherwise I would go!! Actually moving to NC too!!