Saturday, February 19

TIRED! but making progress in sewing studio

I'm making progress!  I managed to get things in place in me new sewing studio. I really got to figure out another name to call it as Sewing Studio just doesn't fit me quite right.  Floor tiles down, walls painted,
tables moved into place, wire shelves put together, computer up and running, and most important, sewing machine in place and plugged in!

I really wanted my sewing machine on this side of the table but the chair I have is
a bit to low to be comfortable.  So for now it my cutting boards will be here. I need to make a
pressing area in the middle I guess.

So for now my machine will be on this side of the room. Can you see my EQ7 on
the computer screen?  I might even take more time to try and learn how to use EQ7 now.
There are bird feeders out side the window so I can watch the birds, squirells and the horses.
I still have a lot to do yet.  Tomorrow I am going back to Lowes and get the pegboard for the wall.

Here are my shelving in the opposite corner. Now I just have to move all my fabric and stuff
from the other area in the kitchen onto these shelves.

I have got to get some color in here.  Bright white is nice but, Here is a cup and saucer I found at
a Habitat store.  I thought the colors were great and the pattern had a quilty kinda look.

Not sure how and where I will add some color.
I have to admit.... I am THRILLED with my new room  just for me!


Sarah Craig said...

Looking good! You could always put Command hooks up on the wall, then hang pieces of your favorite fabrics on pants hangers and put them on the hooks until you are ready to use them. That would add some color!!

Marcia said...

Very nice! Looks clean and neat. It is so nice to see other quilter's work spaces. Thanks for sharing.