Sunday, February 27

My New Quilting Playground is Finally Finished!

HURRAY!  I finally finished my new sewing room this weekend! 
It went from this Before....

to THIS... AFTER! 
Now how is that for change???
It has been a great deal of hard work and time, but it has been a
Oh how I love this new room!  I feel like a little kid on Christmas Morning
when I walk into MY room!

Sewing Studio, Quilting Nook, Quilting Corner,
None of those sounded quite right for me.  But after things really
started coming together in the room, I decided that PLAYGROUND fit me best!

The above display Courtesy of my EQ7.
Now maybe I will spend my time learning how to use EQ7 to it's full potential!

So here are some more pictures of my Playground.
As you walk into the room, this fabric corner is on your left.

Check out the hanging file folders for fabric! How cool!
Thanks to a fellow blogger's husband for this idea.

This is my Baby! Janome 6500

These are my thimbles from Blank Quilting Surveys.
They are sitting on the shelf above my machine.

This is the back of the room. The white cat is Cotton.
The black cat is Spooker, my husband's best friend during the day.
The aren't allowed in here unless I'm in the room.
Yes the brown table goes from one side of the room to the other.
The entire room is  only 8'5" x 7'5". 
Don't ya just love Rosie the Quilter on the back wall?

The view out the window. Close up pic of the squirels. Of course the horeses
are no where to be found when you want them!
Hey see that green stuff?  That's grass so spring has got to be close.
Heck it was 81 degrees here today! in February!

This is the back corner on the right.  There is a closet just to the right.
That will be a project later on in the year.
I just love that pegboard! All your tools right at your fingertips.
How many times have I used LOVE so far? Can you tell
I really LOVE my new Playground?

 I use these mini jars of paint that you can mix any color you want.
The blue painters tape was used to mark off the patches.

This is what I had before.  I took this picture standing in the middle of the kitchen.
My sewing machine is where the dining room table should be.
The dining room room table is just to the left and was my cutting table!
All this was against one wall.

From that to This....

Can you say..... Priceless!


Cindy N. said...

Awesome....enjoy your room, you have done an excellent job!!

bjblack720 said...

WOW!! You go girl!! I am so jealous that you are so organized! You did a great job!! Have fun sewing away, but stop by the shop sometime? We are doing the Barn Quilt on Monday AM and other classes will be Wednesday AM.

Melinda Evaul said...

Love your new room. Want to come redo my writing office??? It could use a bit of organization.

Shannon said...

How wonderful!! I love your room!! I am so happy for you!!

Sarah Craig said...

It looks awesome! You are going to have so much fun creating in that space!!