Tuesday, March 1

Gotta Share This Link

Amazing Mystery Quilts was sponsored by American Quilter Magazine.  They had 69 entries and the are AMAZING!  I have never tried a mystery block quilt so I am not sure how they work for sure, but I want to thank all of those who did entry!  All of your hard work in so beautiful, creative and each one is different.

That is the reason I am posting this on here.  I struggle sometimes, more often than not, with choosing the right color combination for a quilt. Color does play such an important role in how it effects the appearance of your quilt and the mood it can present.

Each of the 69 quilts are the same pattern but how each person chose and put their colors together, make each one such a unique piece of art.  All 69 quilts are now posted for your enjoyment at http://www.americanquilter.com/publications/readers_contests.php?id=1&year=2011, where you can read about the quiltmakers and their  inspiration.   When you have some time to spare, take the time to go through and look at all the quilts.  It is truly amazing!

This one I absolutely love how the pattern just runs into the border. This was made
Marlene Oddie of College Place, Washington, which she titled Bordered Beyond the Block:.
Marlene has graciously offered to share her instructions to make the extra extended border for this mystery quilt pattern. Contact Marlene via her blog at http://kissedquilts.blogspot.com/
(information is from American Quilter Magazine Blogspot)

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Lisa Marie said...

I participated in this mystery quilt challenge and it was both fun and educational. Choosing the colors was hard without knowing what the quilt pattern would look like. I've looked at the quilts posted online and it is so interesting to me to see all the different things people did. I think it's a pretty cool pattern too.