Saturday, May 29

My hands

I went to OrthoCarolina yesterday to the Hand Center. I went to get my hands and thumbs checked out.
He told me that I have all the symptoms of carpel tunnel with the tingling and numbness in my thumb, index and middle finger. It mostly happens during the night but happened at work the other day.
He also said that in my thumbs whats known as CMC Arthritis.
Carpel-Metacarpel joint. I looked it up on the internet and one site said..."this occur mostly in women in their fifth decade!" Well they hit that right on target! Or I did!  This all started a few months after I hit 50.
The metacarpel is the bone in the thumb that joins the wrist. The carpel is the bone in the wrist. The space between the two bones is narrower than it should be and I also have a bone spur. I could see that  plain as day on the x-ray. He moved my thumb and boy could he and me feel that spur rubbing against the other bone. OUCH! 
My options for both issues are 1) do nothing 2) splints 3) injections 4) surgery.
Well I got splints to help the carpel tunnel by sleeping in them and then wear during the day if my thumb bothers me to much.  It limits the movement on the thumb. I have one for each hand.
I had an injection in my left thumb back in October and it worked for about 4 weeks.
Then back came the pain. I have an appointment next week with my arthritis doctor and I plan to get another injection to see how long this one last. Then I plan to ask for the orthoscopic surgery.  I figure I had best try the injections twice so insurance wont fuss about the surgery.  Everything I do I use my thumb!

Alan and I finished putting my new cart together today. Using a screwdriver and socket just about killed my hands!  I have very little grip strength in anything I do.

 I do like my new toys!
Now to start cutting the grass and use the weed eater!
I hope the weather is a bit cooler tomorrow.

By the way, I will continue to quilt pain or no pain!

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