Thursday, May 27

Trip to Lowes

Yesterday my husband and I went to Lowes hardware to get some bird seed for the feeders we have. He and the cats enjoy watching the birds and the squirrels out the window during the day.  We also needed more mulch for the garden to try and keep the grass from taking over. Of course while we were there he had to look at just about everything.  He looked at the weed eaters (which we badly need) and asked several questions and "I" now have a new 2 cycle weed eater with a shoulder strap!  Several months ago he bought "me" a new John Deere Lawn Mower with a cup holder!  He kept telling me I needed a cart to pull behind the mower. SO...while we were at Lowes he bought "me" a new 10cubic foot dump trailer to pull behind my new John Deere!  He is just so thoughtful!  As we walked around Lowes and he looked and touched everything, I decided that him in Lowes is like me in a fabric store!  Can't get enough!

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