Sunday, May 16

The weekend

This weekend I almost felt like I was back in Florida.  The days started out sunny, hot and humid then came the thunderstorms and lots of rain!  Then in a short time later, rain was gone and the sun was back out! and humidity was high!  ugh

I got the four corners on the tie quilt together and the fence rail center block. Now I'm not sure what I am going to do to put this all together.  Here are a few pictures.
I am just not sure what type fabric or color to use as the background. The darker shade is Blank Quilting's Rock candy in a pearl grayish. The center sqaure is just laying on a yard of that fabric.  The corner ties are sewn on a 20 square of the pearl white rock candy.  The outside border are the narrow part of the neck ties just layed down. My original drawing was going to be way to large/wide so I had to revamp my plans. Still tying to figure that out!

I also got the back down for Steve's t-shirt. I tried to put it on my Flynn quilt rod system but that didn't work! So now plan to use the spray basting to get it together.  The quilt is quite big so pinning is just not an option.  I am taking it to work Monday and use the foam board we have there in warehouse to spray baste it. I will have plenty of room. Here is a picture of the top.

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Steve said...

Lisa I got my quilt and it is awesome. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can use it. This quilt has over 20 years of screenprinted t-shirts in it and it is just amazing seeing it all together on a quilt. Thank you so much for all the time and Love you put into it.