Friday, May 7

Eddie's Tie Quilt Pattern

A friend at work recently lost his father very unexpected. He was out of town when this happened, had to rush home and then take care of all the arrangements. His Father always wore ties and always kept a crisp dollar bill in his shirt pocket. Eddie had heard that I had finished a quilt for someone using her husbands shirts and ties, and told me that one of the things he kept of his fathers was all his wonderful bright colored ties!
I told him I would be glad to make a memory quilt using the ties for him. It took me awhile to come up with a design, but I finally did...
My plan is to use the bottom of the ties as they are in the large Fan blocks to show the point of the ties.
Then in the smaller fan blocks I plan to take the ties apart and cut the shape from the fabric of the ties.  The center fence rail block will be cut from the tie fabrics too. I think in that block I will sew in a crisp dollar bill with just the edge of it showing.   The smaller border frame, I am planning to use the narrow part of the ties that I cut off from the ones in the large fan blocks.  I have no idea what other color of fabrics I will use with this.  The ties are all bright, bold prints and designs.  I think the first thing to start with is the large fan blocks and find the fabric to use as a foundation piece.
Wish me luck in this creation!!!!!!!!!!

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