Tuesday, April 13

Sunny Days

The weather here in NC has been so beautiful!  It is like a picture perfect postcard.  Sunny Carolina blue skies, light wind, temperatures in the mid 70's and daylight until almost 8pm.  Couldn't ask anything better.  BUT... the only draw back is..... it makes it really hard to find the want to stay inside and quilt.  ugh.   I did get two UFO's finished this week.  Lauren got to sleep under her quilt a couple of nights ago and I got Barbara's quilt mailed to her on Monday.  I did get sashing and backing fabric for Steve's quilt today so hopefully this weekend I can do some sewing.   

We do have to get our blueberry & raspberry plants in the ground along with the tomato plants we bought.  I have to put the new blades on my lawnmower since I broke the old ones by running over something metal,  then finish cutting grass.  Well... I might get some quilting done and I might not!   I have new fabric I am dying to do something with but refuse to let myself start anything new until I get some more UFO's done.

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