Sunday, April 18

One more "almost" done!

This week when we found out that Alan had to have back surgery once again, after the intial shock, I began thinking Crap! I don't have anything to quilt while at the hospital.  SO... I got super busy and finished Alan's quilt top!  I had hoped to get it basted together by today, but I didn't have enough fabric for the backing and didn't have a chance to buy any today.  SO...I had to dig around to find something to find some busy work that I can take with me.  Then tomorrow after he gets to his room and falls back asleep, it's off the a fabric store somewhere.   I would love to get his quilt completely finished by the time he comes home from the hospital.
I did take some pictures with my new camera and here is it!  Photos of some of the animals that have been part of our lives!

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