Thursday, April 15

Here we go again!

Just found out that Alan (my hubby) has to go back in the hospital for additional back surgery on Monday which stems from complications from the first surgery in late December. UGH!  Well the bright side is that we know what to expect this time round.  Hopefully this will the be the last time we visit the hospital any time soon!

In December I practice my hand quilting while he was in surgery and recovery for almost seven hours.
I continued working on that quilt the entire time while sitting in his room for the next two weeks but it did keep me from going crazy.  It was also a great conversational piece with all the nurses!

After Alan filled me and Lauren in on what the doctor said, I had to go back to work. As I was driving to work, I was running things through my head of what was going to come.  Remembering things to do and not to do, and then I thought.....ON NO!  I don't have a quilt ready to do any hand quilting on!!!!!  What will I do to keep me from going crazy this time?  How sad is that!  He is having surgery and I'm thinking about quilting!

Well tonight I cut strips on several different fabrics I bought to border the "animal" pictures I printed on fabric to use in Alan's quilt.   My goal is to get this sewn together tomorrow and Saturday and then baste the quilt, batting and backing together by Sunday.  Then I can once again practice my hand quilting for the next week or so while at the hospital.  Quilting really does help my relieve stress and calm down when needed.  Some nights if I can sleep, I don't count sheep I count stitches!  Well not really count I just visualize the needle and thread going in and out of the fabric in a smooth and calming motion.

Alan and Lauren went to buy my birthday present yesterday after his doctor's appointment.  I now have a new digital camera!  YEA!  I don't have to use my cell phone camera to post pictures of my quilts!  Hopefully tomorrow I can post some pics of the progress on Alan's quilt.  I think it is the right time to get his finished!  All things happen for a reason, but I gladly would have finished his quilt without him going back to the hospital!!!

Bedtime now, got to be at the hospital early in the morning for pre-op paperwork! oh joy!

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Leeann Hansen said...

Hope the op goes well, no you are not awful thinking about quilting. It will be good for you to have something to do, and try to stop you worrying.