Sunday, April 4

Making Progress

All I have left to do on Lauren's quilt is hand stitch binding. YEA!   I have Barbara's quilt quilted together except for the border.  I used basting spray for the first time. I think it works great for quilting straight lines or stitch in the ditch. I'll stick with the quilt frame for decorative quilting.
I put to pieces of form board together and set them up on the front porch for air circulation. I pinned the quilting backing on that and then I sprayed that with 505 basting spray. I put the batting on that and found out quickly that I should have mark my center lines and matching points BEFORE I started.  The basting spray does allow you to smooth out wrinkles. I then sprayed the batting and put on the top. I did have to make a couple adjustments to the back after bringing inside but the basting spray allowed me to adjust and reposition.  I did stitch in the ditch on the triangles on this.  If I could only follow a straight line!

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