Friday, April 23

The Hospital Quilt or the "Back" Quilt

Alan only spent four days in the hosptial with the back surgery, so I didn't have a lot of time to get much quilting done while there. Alana and Lauren were there with me during the surgery so we kept each other busy chatting and surfing the web.  I had to bring Lauren home after Alan got settled in his room, so we stopped by Hancocks to buy backing fabric for Alan's quilt.  I went back to spend Monday night at the hospital with Alan to make sure everything went well the first night after surgery.  Which he had a good first night!  We did actually get sleep!

Tuesday late afternoon, I came back home and begin to get Alan's quilt put together.  I scrambled to get the backing cut and sewn together.  I had planned to use basting spray to hold it together so I could hand quilt it some while sitting at the hospital.  I ran out of time before I got that done.  I then thought I could take it with me and use the hospital room floor to lay out the quilt and pin together.  So that's what I did!  

I moved a chair and side table to make enough floor space.  Then I taped down the backing and batting to the floor. Then I laid the quilt top down.  It worked really well, except for the aching knees and back!

I did begin to use a pillow under my knees and that helped a great deal.  Then as my back began to ache, I would lay flat on my back on the quilt. Never knew a hard floor could feel so good!  I did get the quilt pinned and then basted as well.  Needless to say the nurses would walk in and wonder what the heck I was doing!  They all were amazed at the fact I was putting pictures of animals that we had lost.  They didn't understand why they meant so much to us.  I guess not everyone is animal people like we are!

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