Sunday, March 6

Sewing & Quilting Expo Atlanta GA

This Wednesday I leave NC and head to N Atlanta to my first major quilting event!  I am SOOooo Excited.  My sister Becky, is driving from NW FL to meet me.   I gave her the quilting bug a short while back.  She now has it BAD!  We are both really what I would call "Rookies" in the quilt community.
We have signed up to take a beginner free motion class and cutting and piecing for rookies.  I have made several quilts in the past three years but never have taken any quilting classes.  I am sure there are many things I will learn.  If you have been to big events like this and may have any tips that will make this experience even better, please share!

We will meet in Atlanta this Wednesday, spend Thursday exploration the expo and looking at all the exhibitors showing their latest and greatest  products and fabric.  It will be hard to decide what to buy! But rest asured, we will find something!  I wonder if I can win some lottery money before going!  I sure could use extra spending money, especially since the gas prices are going sky high! 

Friday will be our class day.  We have one in the morning and another late afternoon.  We do have a free class ticket but can't sign up until we arrive and see what is still open. There is a class on making bags I have my eye on!  We'll see.

Got to share a picture of "Daisy", we are puppy sitting her for a week.  My husband has wanted one of these Westies since that Little Ceasar commercial came out.  I'm not a little dog fan but you can't help to love this face!


Hands Sew Full said...

How exciting! I have never been to a quilting event like that so I hope you have a great time and share the details! I have a small dog for the first time, she is a maltese, all white like the westie but tinier! I love her! She is so much fun and much easier to take care of than my big guys were! And she is so smart! Have fun puppy sitting.

Charlene S said...

Wear comfortable shoes! We take a tour of all the booths first and mark those we want to spend extra time and money,as we go we do all the free make-&-go classes. Then the second day we go back to the booths we have marked. This plan allows us to use our limited funds wisely. Only other advice is to have fun!