Sunday, October 10

Time to cut the Ties

Last night while watching the Florida Gator Football game, (yes are are major Gator Fans) I searched for the pattern I had in mind to use with all those ties.  I looked thru about 10 magazines before I finally the pattern, while actually another pattern I had forgot about. I had seen this in "Quilts and More" Fall 2010 issue and made notes on the pages about the tie quilt. This pattern can be found at All People Quilt website.  The brown version is another color option from the one profiled in the magazine.
This will be for a co-worker's brother and the ties are from their father who past away a year ago.  It will be a Christmas present from one brother to the other.   I think this pattern will be perfect!

Today I started to cut the ties in 12.5" strips and then realized I had to go buy a new blade for my cutter.  One day I figure out why I wait so long to change my blades! (I'm cheap!)
Once I got a new blade, I discovered the ties were still to thin to cut, so I spent the next hour or two
spraying with starch and ironing them. That worked!

Then I finally began to cut them into strips about 12.5" long.
My next step is to cut these strips into the correct widths needed for the quilt.
I think it calls for about 90 strips varied in widths from 1.5" to 4.5".

Now here is where you can help me. With so many different colors and patterns
in the ties, what should I use to separate all the strips and the sides?
I'll welcome any suggestions! The ties are just about every color, yellows, browns, blues, reds,
with lots of stripes and designs!


Carol said...

I would go with a dark grey or navy to really set off the beautiful array of colors. Need to be sure to post a pic when it's done!

Canadian Kristin said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift from one brother to another. I love it! Using the ties is incredible, what about doing gradient colours from one end of the quilt to the other?
Cannot wait to see the finished project!!! Good luck!

Stray Stitches said...

I agree with Carol. Since it is for a guy, a dark color, maybe even black would be best for seperating the ties from each other.

Kathy H said...

I really liked the pattern background of the dark brown. SOmething geometric, not floral would look nice. What a nice way to remember their dad.

jdqltr said...

Great idea for the ties.... I've seen that pattern at but have never thought about ties.