Saturday, October 9

Ties, Ties, and More Ties

I spent about 2 hours Friday night removing stitches and the insides of numerous ties.

Then I spent another 2+ hours ironing these same ties.

Now that they are all nice and pressed as they can get,
I have to cut them into strips about 2" x 6".
Got a feeling this isn't gonna be easy!

These are the left over ties from the Tie Quilt I did for Eddie a few months ago.
Now I am using them to make his brother a quilt for a Christmas gift.
I plan to make a Coin Quilt style same how!

Well Tazzie may have another idea for all those ties!  zzzzz


Sarah Craig said...

Hi, Lisa! I've got a big stack of ties I've saved for a quilt, too - but you're ahead of me, having taken yours apart already! Good luck and I can't wait to see what you end up with!

QuiltingKrazy said...

This will be my third quilt using ties! UGH! They are not to easy to work with.

Deb said...

Oh I love the photo of Tazzie! What a great idea to use ties. There are some fabulous colours in ties. I am finding out so much about quilting since doing the blog hop! Have you made one before?