Sunday, October 24

The Saturdays Balloon flight

 Saturday morning started about 7am with the Pilots meeting, getting weather information and once over the rules.It was a brisk and cool morning but very light winds.  We had to set out to find a launch site opposite the way the wind was moving.  I thought that would take forever.

Trying to find a spot on the map that may have a clearing.

Watching the release balloon to check wind direction.
We finally set up to launch from the same field we landed
 in last year!

This is the HOT in hot air balloons!

Two balloons grow before your eyes

They "KISS" as they inflate.

Up up and away!

"X" marks the spot for the competition drop

Yep!  That's me!

Beautiful Carolina Blue Sky
over a soy bean field.


Regina said...

Looks like another fun day!

Shannon said...

That look like so much fun. So quiet and peaceful.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What wonderful photos! It's so exciting to see these! ♥