Wednesday, October 20

I went with Grey!

So I went to the quilt shop and took my ties with me. I tried out bunches of different fabrics in all colors and both solid and prints.  Nothing looked just right (what ever that may have been) but I did find a tonal grey and it looked BeeeUtiful.  Well maybe not that good. But it will work! 

I did get the grey all cut in strips and TRIED to lay this out in order to sew it.  I got about half matched up and then I decide to try and sew a few solids and ties together.  I tried THREE times to the the needle threaded (I half a self threading machine) and it kept getting tangled for some reason SOOOOO
I decided it was time to put it up!    Maybe tomorrow night I will make more progress!   Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Good luck!! I know when I get to a spot that things are not working out I have to walk away. Good for you knowing that you had reached that point. It maight work better later.