Friday, August 20

Some on my Pets on Quilts

This is our newest member of the household. "Spooker" ! I can't wait to get her on a Orange Halloween quilt!
She has become my husband's best bud during the day while I'm at work. She is a sweetheart she just mysteriously showed up at my work needing a home.  She is also the odd ball of our cats. All the rest are white and orange.
She is laying on my mini Underground Railroad quilt.
This is Fuzzy.  He is normally white on his belly but he likes to lay in the red clay outside!
 He is laying on the back side of a t-shirt quilt.
This is Ms Tazzi. Not very photogenic.  She is sitting my very first full size quilt I ever did. I entered in the county fair
that year and won a first place ribbon!  Tazzi LOVES to get right in the middle of whatever project I am working on.

This the Momma Tess. Yes momma to Fuzzy and Tazzi.
 As you can see, she is being a momma and helping me sew a straight seam!

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