Thursday, July 29

Shades of Grey

I have been wanting to create a quilt for my son for quite some time. He is 30 yrs young and will always be my baby!  When I asked what he would like, Nathan came back with something in grey!  Wow, I wasn't expect just grey.  But the more I thought about it, more I thought it would look ok.  I first thought it was just kinda plain.  Now I am searching for a pattern, So anyone out there reading this with ideas of quilt patterns, please share!     I told him to look at this quilt back I had done and see what he thought.
   Here is the comment he left me on facebook.  Maybe this will help you be confused just like me!

White & grey is okay, but black would be more contrast than I would like
So if there is more of a defined pattern, then go minimalist with the contrast, sorta like:

Not so much that pattern, I just like that shade of grey. So with the quilt on your blog I would change the darkest squares to white or off white, and the dark square "ring" to something relatively lighter.
Now, if you go with more contrast , than I would prefer a more patchwork look, kinda like:

In this case I wouldn't mind the little bit of color. I also like the textures in this one.
So hopefully that made some sense. If all else fails, do whatever :)
Nathan went to school for graphic design. He is easy going and fun loving! Loves old t-shirts with any kind of sayings on them. Always have loved, cartoons, legos, star wars, and Dr Suess.  For some reason grey just seemed so simple and plain.  But when I think about it, that is how he does live his life!  I love my baby boy!

So please post any helpful comments or ideas!

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Regina said...

I was actually drawn to a grey print at the store and thought it would make a beautiful quilt. Unfortunately there were only two grey fabrics to be found so I ended up putting it back on the shelf.