Sunday, May 1

The Seeds are Sewn

Literally!  This weekend my husband, our daughter and me got the garden started.  We had purchased  small started plants, tomato, squash, zuchini, cucumbers and my personal favorite, okra!  I love that stuff and way, fried, pickle, stewed!   We put 13 tomato plants in the small area. 
 In the larger garden we tilled up 5 rows. Right now we have
beans and okra planted.  We will fill the rest with more
beans seeds and the corn plants we have already started in mini pots.
In the first row we have crooked neck squash, zuchini and cucumbers.

Here are my okra plants.
I am proud of my hubby as this weekend he has walked more than he has since his last back surgery.
The garden has given him a reason to "Want" to move and do something.
He actually was able to walk behind the tiller some. He did have to take breaks often.

We still have about 100 corn plants to get in the ground. OF course me and Lauren get to do that.
He can't do any bending like that.   I know every inch and every joint in my body aches!
But all is good!  OH I did find a piece of broken pottery in the garden.  We have found indian arrowheads out there before, so maybe they walked the same ground we do everyday!

I can't wait for the first tomato!  YUM!

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Sara said...

Labor of love right there---I have done the same in the last 3 weeks to amend the soil :) Then tilled it about 4 times as well live in new construction. I am in NC too an hr south of Raleigh.

We planted tomatoes, squash,radishes,three kinds of peppers to include:anaheim,jalapeno,cayenne, peas,2 lettuces,carrots,spinach,strawberries

Next are some more herbs, I only have cilantro currently in the ground.

You should go to or my blog for "How Does Your Garden Grow series Andi started!