Tuesday, May 3

Lookie what I got! For FREE!

Fabric Sample Books!  Lots of 'em!

A co-worker has a freind who is a fabric rep. He mentioned my love of
quilting and she mentioned she had some old sample books!
Hurray for Friends with Friends!
The fabric samples are really for furniture and draperies but some are
Sooooo gorgeous.
All I can think about is a Krazy Quilt!  Some pieces are already embellished with
stitching in several different colorways.

There is also some beautiful tapestry like pieces.

Most all of the patterns are in several colorsways.
There are even some FUN patterns with several different pieces
that go together.  Some have a small embroidery design too!

Most of the pieces are only about 10x12" so how ever I use these, it will have to
be a small project or projects!
Now I do have enough for a good size Krazy Quilt.

So if you have any ideas or patterns you might want to share, please do!
I'm thinking table runers, small wall art, maybe mug rugs!

I just LOVE Freebies!

Thanks Paul for thinking of me!


Colleen said...

One of my favorite quilt tops I ever bought was from this little antique store. It was made of striped heavy duty upholstery fabric from samples in very nuetral colors. It had been cut into 1/4 square triangles and pieced to take advantage of the pattern. It was REALLY big so I cut it into a nice lap size top and backed it with another heavy piece of fabric and tied it. I took the other part and made three pillows to toss on the sofa with my quilt, covered a rocking chair seat and an ottoman. 15 years later I still love it! It wore very well.

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I had bought a lot of fabric samples from Goodwill and sent them to Debra and she made a 1,000 Pyramids quilt. Here is what she made: http://debraspincicdesignstudio.blogspot.com/2011/04/1000-pyramid-tutorial-part-1.html

She even gives the tutorial in later posts. She told me since the fabric was heavier than regular quilting fabric, it would make a wonderful bedspread.