Sunday, May 22

Hexagons galore!

Oh My!  I thought this would be a simple pattern to take on! I'm beginning to rethink that thought!
I guess it really isn't to hard it just take time and a great deal of cutting and sewing the same shapes and
pieces over and over again.  It begins to get a bit boring and you think it will never end!

I originally found this pattern in an old McCall's Quilting magazine.  October 2008.  When son was here
visiting in  August, I told him to give me some ideas as to what type of quilt he would like. So I gave
him several magazines and books to look through and this one of his choices.

I purchased many of the fabrics at Hancocks in a 50% off all quilting fabric sale.
Some I purchased at my favorite home town quilt shop. Those I had to cut into the 2.5" strips.
The last fabric I purchased was from Connecting Threads and I bought
precut 2.5" strips!  Saved alot of time! 
I matched colors and then sewed two strips together.

Then I cut those strips into triangles using a 60 degree ruler.

Fliping that ruler back and forth to get all those triangles was a real pain.

I am sure there was an easier way to do that but I don't know what it is! 
From each strip set you get at least three pieces per colorway and have an extra couple left over.

The pattern in the magazine calls for 162 of these half hexagons. So I made all 162 of them!
Plus several more.

I put these on my working wall to see lay out the colors, then once that was done,
I began to sew one row across. Then I sewed two rows togethers and pinned back on the wall.
That is where I am at now in this quilt.

I now have to sew the two rows sets together.  That is gonna take a bit of work.
Some of them I can see are now going to line up correctly.
I think that comes from some stretching but mainly because I started on this project before Christmas and then when I started back this month I couldn't remember exactly what size I cut the first ones!

Oh well,  it will all come together like it should!
I just hope Nathan likes it!

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