Sunday, September 12

Update on Fair entries

I went to the fairgrounds today to pick up my quilts and I got there about a half hour before closing so most items had been picked up be then.  I went to the office and picked up my winnings of a whopping $24.oo!  Whew Hoo!  Then I went around to the exhibit hall to retrive my quilts.  I got bombarded with questions by the workers there. Several wanted the pattern for my Batik wall hanging, one girl wanted to buy Lauren's brown and green quilt,  (she wouldn't sell it!)  and the she asked questions about Needle and Thread and if I used the long arm on Lauren's.  Another lady wants me to make her a duplicate of my mini underground railroad quilt for her living room  She wants it just a bit larger but in the same fabrics and color to hang above her couch.  I told her I would be more than happy too! I'm thinking $$$$ She said she would pay for it.  I told the others I would email the pattern for the wall hanging and then they could share between each other.   So I would say the fair was quite successful for me this year.

I did get all my ribbons together from the last two years and plus this year, I have five Blue 1st place,
five Red second place, and five White third place for quilts and other sewing projects.  Oh yea, I have one Blue first place for our Chickens who laid First Place Brown Eggs last year!

Yesterday we had a yard sale at work with coworkers.  Alan cleaned out his side of the closet and rounded up old jeans he can't wear.  I had a few other miscellaneous items.  I sold about $60 worth of stuff!  Had the rest hauled off to a Goodwill type store.  So with that $6o and my $24, Lauren, Alan and I went out for dinner tonight at Lonestar.  Not a bad weekend!  (just almost over though :(

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Regina said...

Definitely a success! Sounds great!