Wednesday, September 22

New Look!

Wow!  I have finally got my blog with new colors that I really like!  I didn't think changing the colors and background would be so HARD!  Trying to get my header to my liking I thought never would happen.
My goal was to get something I really liked and could leave it this way for some time.
I hope that everyone who reads this likes the changes as much as me.  I like to think the sunflower represents me, bright, sunny and Happy! Or at least that is what I try to be each day. Back in high school I had the nick name of "Sunshine" thus the golden colors.  I still have a few people every now and then call me that.  The sides with the barn wood look is me, liking the simple things in life.  I don't need fancy expensive things to make me happy.  All I need is love of God, Family, and Friends.  Oh yea, my sewing machine and a big fabric stash!!!!!!

1 comment:

Regina said...

It looks great! I'm not brave enough to try to change my blog yet.