Thursday, September 23

Finally Fall has Arrived!

Hurray for Fall!
These sunflowers were growing this summer but I have never seen Orange colored sunflowers! I just thought they were amazing looking. Now they fit in the "Fall-flowers" category.  We still are having above average temps right now but this weekend it is "suppose" to only be in the mid 70's.  I can't wait for the cooler days and all the colors that soon will appear in the trees.

Growing up in Florida where everything stays green pretty much year round, I never understood why people got so excited about the fall "colors" of the trees up in the northeast.  Seeing it on TV was ok but not so spectacular.  But when we moved to North Carolina in August of 97, within a few months I saw for myself what all the excitement was all about.

You can't imagine how beautiful it is to see the reds, oranges, and yellows until you see it in person.
God has a beautiful pallet of colors up here in the mountains.  There is one tree, a maple I think, that the leaves turn into a ball of fire with vivid yellows, oranges, and reds.  It is the brightest leaves I have ever seen.  When I see it all I can think about is how can I recreate that in a quilt.  Well this year, I have a new camera that I love, and I plan to take hundreds of photos of these trees and somehow turn them into a quilt.  Now I didn't say I would get the quilt down this year but one day!

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