Sunday, August 12


A co-worker is adding on to their home and building new bedrooms for their two kids.  The son's room will be blue and green with a sports theme.  The daugther's room will be pink and orange with a theme of peace signs that her daugther is in love with.  She has been searching online and at the stores for decor with the peace sign symbol.  I am amazed at how much stuff is really out there, since I grew up in the original "peace sign era". 

Here are a couple of pillows I made for "Kylie Renaye" to go in her new room.  Her mom sure did
like them so I am pretty sure Kylie will too!

My oldest daughter is often called "La La" since her actual name is Alana.  She called me one day to ask me to make a pillow for her like one she saw in a quaint little shop in Atlanta.  She sent me a picture and I used that to go by.   She should received it Monday, I hope she likes it!

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