Monday, February 20

Swapping! Quilter's Style

I have found a real enjoyment in participating in different "swaps" with other quilter's that all have met through message boards and blogs on the "net".  I first started "swapping" at The Quilting Board and just recently found The Monthly Doll Quilters Swap from one of the blogs that I follow.   

I just joined up with Monthly Doll Quilters , a blog site I just happened to find, and it is just getting started. The first swap is April and the theme is "three colors". Partners will be assigned sometime in March.If your interested in participating, just click on the link and you'll be redirected to their site and you can check it out yourself.  Then, If you're willing, please help spread the word by writing a separate blog post directing potential members to the Doll Quilters Monthly blog.
Like the old saying...."Try it, you'll like it!"

I have met several super ladies through these swaps and we still keep in touch not just on the websites but by emailing and chatting with each other.  With the doll quilt swaps, I try to do something I haven't tried before.  The November swap I tried "cathedral windows" for the first time.  January I tried a "landscape" mini.  February, I did an applique.  Now for March I haven't decided what to do as it is sender's choice.
I may try a mini string quilt as I have wanted to do but just haven't had a good reason! 
All these were done at The Quilting Board.  I can't wait to see who I get partnered with for March and April.

Here are some of the ones I have created so far. And some of the ones I have received.




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