Sunday, January 15

Another doll quilt or mini quilt

I really enjoy reading and posting on "The Quilting Board" website. I have learned alot, shared alot and also met new great friends.  There is always some type of Round Robin, Boomerang Swap or Doll Quilt Swap going on to particpate in.  I really enjoy the Doll Quilt swaps. 

The theme for January's swap was "where your from".  My partner is in FL which is great since that is where I was born and lived most of my life.  We are both still working on our projects but should be done before the end of January.    I live just north of Charlotte, NC and first thought of doing a mini quilt that would show alot of NASCAR themes since we are in the heart of NASCAR.  But that just didn't seem quite right so, I kept thinking and decided on the Blue Ridge Mountains.  So this will be my first try at and Landscape type art quilt.  I had plenty of blue fabrics and just started laying them out together to get an idea
of how it would look.  Here is a picture of my first "draft"
Then I kept playing with ideas and this is what it ended up looking like!

It isn't the greatest but I can kinda proud of it!

I hope my partner likes this!  Her daughter lives on the eastern coast of NC.


Colleen said...

This is so cool! I love the colors you used!

Anonymous said...

ooo, this is coming to me. I love your representation of NC. The scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, Oh thank you for sharing this with me. (I hate to say it, thank you for passing on nascar.)Love, Love, Love your pictorial. I am one lucky girl!! :) :)