Sunday, June 13


This has been the hottest weekend so far this year. I have become accustomed to the nice weather here in NC and have forgotten the icky steamy weather back in FL in the summer. Oh well, I guess that is a good thing.  I have used the weather as an excuse to stay inside all weekend long. I have gotten some things done that needed and got to work on a quilt.  I started out trying to figure out the back for Eddie's tie quilt by using the fabric I had bought for the top.  I started by thinking 8" blocks would work good since some on my fabric left over was in 18" widths.  I got out the computer and pulled up Quilt Design Wizard.  Yep, that did the trick.  Here is what I came up with.
I really like it to much to use as a quilt back!  So now  I gotta think about it.  I did learn one thing for sure, I LOVE MY 1/4" FOOT!!  That and my new machine, Izzie,  make things so much easier.

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